Digital Janitors

Company : Tired Turtle Games

Role : Lead Programmer & Co-Founder

Responsible For : enemy types, gameplay systems, ability types, data storage, saving and loading, leading programming team of 3, and refactoring codebase

Software Used : Unity, Visual Studio

Language : C#

Scope : 6 Team Members 

Timeline : November 2019 - October 2021

Folders are Digital Janitor's equivalent of enemy types. One of my biggest responsibilities as the Lead Gameplay Programmer is designing and implementing different Folder type's behaviors. My goal is to create unique and interesting Folders while maintaining consistency in some of their behaviors so the player always knows how to respond to them.

Grab the Default Folder

This is the base Folder which unlike other Folder types, does not have any unique behavior like as evading the mouse or creating obstacles for the player. The only behaviors it has are the ones that are shared by all Folder types : When the mouse hovers over it, the file name will turn blue to indicate it can be picked up. The player can pick up and drag it, otherwise it will remain where it is. It can be sorted in the recycling bin or the secure drive.

Github Link


Digital Janitors is a desktop defense game in the style of an old-school PC. A hacker has taken your employer’s network hostage, sending malicious files and malware to all the company computers. Playing as the IT Administrator for Merter Corporation, you must go to each computer in the company and excise the virus, beating back the hacker.


We won first place in the retro themed weekly vote of the Game Development World Championship.

We were finalists in the 2021 Intel University Games Showcase.